Kaz Presents Ms Proper: No Days Off Hosted By DJ WhiteOwl Review [Mixtape Review]

Before I begin, I want to give a brief disclaimer. I met Ms. Proper not too long ago at a local showcase, and she is a great person. I don’t want anyone reading this to believe for one minute that I will give props where it isn’t due. I don’t care how friendly you are or how much you pay me that will not magically turn you from wack to dope in my eyes. Honestly, I’m cool with rappers that are trash. Just because rapping is not your strength doesn’t make you a bad friend. Anywho, let’s get down to business.
I was hesitant about doing this review because I didn’t want to hurt Ms. Proper’s feelings because I have never actually sat down and listened to her work. But after listening to No Days Off, I love her! There were a lot of dope aspects of this mixtape. The production was decent but Proper’s flow stands out as it should. There are extremely too many artists making it in the game because they saved up their pennies for a dope producer. How many songs have you heard with a crazy beat and the rapper’s lyrics were lame? Proper is a true lyricist. Listen closely to her bars. Many would compare her to the 90s Queen Latifah, YoYo, Mc Lyte, etc. but that’s cliché. One of my favorites is Showtime featuring Doe the Paperboy. The first time I heard it was at The Camel during the For the Love of Hip Hop show. That’s what we prepare ourselves for, right? Those long, restless nights in the studio, memorizing scenes, and rehearsing are all done for that moment when the curtains open. It’s your time. Showtime. I was shocked that she flowed over the Big Sean’s Final Hour on Everybody Wants to Be a Rapper, but I was thoroughly impressed. Everyone knows that’s my favorite song and one of the many reasons why I’m such a huge Big Sean fan. But just like Sean had Don Cannon, I feel like Proper needs a dope intro to this track. Simply because something that hot needs an announcement. Sidenote: I’m available to hit the studio and do that for you, Proper. I noticed a few tracks for the bitches and sucka lovers. “So when I quiver when we kiss, yes, I feel like a lil bitch”, Proper recites on Be With You Interlude. Yes! Poetry is where it all began. This is a solid mixtape; great lyricism, poetry, a little pinch of old school, and a few comical lines. “Bitch look like Miss Piggy…tryna sit with the team we’ll turn asalaam alaikum” (Oh My God).
Everybody wants to be a rapper!

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