Lauren Alexandria Presents Lil Wayne - Dedication 4 Review [Review]

Up and coming blogstress Lauren Alexandria delivers her take on the latest release from Lil Wayne "Dedication 4". Check it out after the jump!

Mixtape Review: Lil’ Wayne & DJ Drama ‘Dedication 4’

After the mixtape being pushed back twice, Lil’ Wayne finally releases Dedication 4. Too much of my surprise the push back was not worth the wait. The 15 track mixtape samples familiar beats, interesting hooks and a few catchy metaphors.
I was pretty amped for this mixtape release because Dedication 3 was such a flop with the entire auto tune. Everybody remember “She’s A Ryder” and “Whoever You Like”? …hence my excitement for the release of the fourth installment. Too bad D4 was missing certain qualities that the previous Dedication’s shared. For one the substance from D1 and D2, the funny interlude’s, and oh yeah the previous Dedication’s roughly carried an average of 23-29 tracks. Yet, D4 is struggling on this 15 track playlist.
Dedication 4 has its bangers and flops.

Explosive Bangers:
1.     Same Damn Tune: This the loud brash beat and Tunechi catchy metaphors made the matchup perfect.
2.     Mercy (Feat. Nicki Minaj): Mercy goes on the bangers list, mainly because of Nicki Minaj. I didn’t care for Lil’ Wayne’s act as Kanye West when his interlude came up, just didn’t grasp my attention. The delivery towards the end of his verse did grab my attention though. However, Nicki Minaj’s verse was intricate and amusing with a hint of the old, new, and psychotic Nicki.
3.     Burn: Entertaining rhymes like “Her titties fake but they look real cubic zirconia’s” and “Bad yellow bitch with a tongue like a snake, I let her suck my dick then I fuck her to some Drake” is what caught my attention.
4.     No Lie: “Pass that weed around like some fuckin’ hors d’oeuvres, Man I’m shit faced and your bitch facin’, She high too, fuckin’ right, My number one F-A-N, you know what that mean, Fuck All Night, ugh.” Another Meek Mill cover was suitable for Wayne.

Axed Tracks
1.     Amen: The first to get the ax mainly because this beat doesn’t fit in with his voice. Hearing Meek Mill x Drake unique wordplay and then Wayne freestyling on this beat just doesn’t fit up to par.
2.     Get Smoked (Feat. Lil’ Mouse): A grown man got on the remix with a 13-year-old boy out of South Chicago. Maybe Lil’ Wayne was reliving this childhood from his Nola days, either way this song is a joke. You can’t put everybody on.
3.     My Homies (RMX): Simply because the original mix is enough. Everything doesn’t need to be remixed.
4.     Magic (Feat. Flow): What was Flow talking about? Like most rappers he was talking about nothing, but the delivery was all wrong.
5.     A Dedication: A 6 minute conclusion talking about nothing? I think he was trying to do something creative like he did with “Run The World” on his Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape, but it wasn’t as comical.
Needless to say I think we can throw this Wayne project in the can. Catchy hooks can’t uphold his rushed mixtape.

Delivered Fresh via Lauren Alexandria

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