Kaz Presents Big Sean - Detroit Review [Review]

Kaz of the DP Mosby Show delivers her take on G.O.O.D Music's Big Sean latest mixtape "Detroit". Check it out after the jump!

First of all, let me give a big shoutout to Key Wane. The Higher beat is dope. And it was a perfect way to begin Detroit. This mixtape sounds similar to Big Sean’s Finally Famous tapes, especially the song 100 featuring Kendrick Lamar and Royce Da 5’9. He even did another FFOE track produced by Lex Luger this time (VA STAND UP). I remember on a  mixtape before his album Sean said, “I’m running to the money til my feet lose feeling”. And he still sounds hungry. You have to respect it. The motto is: Gotta Get It. "Tryna get it everyday" (Woke Up). I get hype listening to Detroit. I want to go out and get more. “Last night I lost all that? I’ma wake my ass up get it all back” (Woke Up). “Ain’t nothin’ more important than the mula. Hallelujah” (Mula). When French Montana breaks it down with “mula ain’t everything, homie, it’s the only thing”, I get the cocky-stank face. You know that face you have when you’re riding around town right after you wash your whip? Yeah, that one. If I had a car, I swear I would ride out to RWT everyday! “This my roll weed time. Don’t turn it into dead in the street time.” We know Sean isn’t about taking life, but it’s a cool line. I hope Fablous jumps on the remix. I could see him going in on this song.
I really feel like Big Sean is growing as an artist, and I’m enjoying his progression. Detroit is a good mixtape, and I’m pretty sure the next album will be dope.
Hating on me knowing that you is a fan, boy

Delivered Fresh via Kaz (DP Mosby Show)

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