Kaz Presents Wale: Eleven One Eleven Review [Mixtape Review]

I haven’t always been a Wale fan. Not at all. But I found respect for him after hearing Self Made. Although his labelmates are all alleged dope boys and that’s all they rap about, Wale stayed true to himself. I warmed up to Wale more and more, especially after his verse on Travis Porter Make it Rain remix. I’ve always been a sucker for spoken word and Wale is an exceptional poet, too.
But I’m here to review his latest project. The Eleven One Eleven Theory is one of the best mixtapes I have heard in awhile. Matter fact, that’s all I have been playing in my crib since I downloaded it. It starts off with a snippet of a famous interview of the late, great Tupac. Then, you’re thrown into a DC club beating your feet (or whatever you do now) to Fuck You. GOGO! I love this track. “And the sex I lock it down see my stick is the gavel” and “she reluctantly fucking she’s an adamant blower” Wale spits. This mixtape starts off with such a good feeling. There is even a reggae joint, which gave the tape a nice touch but the features could’ve been left out. Every song didn’t sound the same, yet they blended and complimented each other. There were a lot of hot tracks. When I heard a scene from Paid in Full on Barry Sanders, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a dope intro to an awesome song. I want to also mention Samples N Shit. Sweet baby Jesus! That’s all I have to say about that.
But I do have a question, and Wale if you’re reading this feel free to respond. Who scorned this nigga though? Does he fall in love with every hoe/groupie he meets? There are way too many songs about bitches and their hoe ass ways. Even Chain Music is about how hoes act different when a nigga starts getting money. But after listening to Passive Aggres-Her, I’m convinced he likes that shit. I had to replay this ode to a sick ass bitch several times. Whoever he wrote that song for needs psychiatric help. But like he said “all the insane bitches so passionate..I be needing to leave but I be needing a nut.” Yo, Lil Duval on Fairy Tale is a damn fool. And everyone making their cuddle-up mixtape for the Fall needs to include Mother Nature. That one is guaranteed to get the juices flowing and provide motivation to use no hands. “Same ole, same ole new canvas you need a new stroke” he makes it sound so damn good.
I am pleased with The Eleven One Eleven Theory. It is a solid work that could’ve definitely been an album. I can only pray that he never loses focus of who he is and continues to give us the greatness we so desperately want.
When a nigga in the room give a nigga room!

Review Delivered Fresh via Kaz (The DP Mosby Show)

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