Kaz Presents Trey Songz - Anticipation 2 Review [Review]

Kazof The DP Mosby Show delivers her review of one Trey Songz latest projects, Anticipation 2. Check it out after the jump!

Who remembersAnticipation? My body sure does. But that’s neither here nor there. Trey makes an effort to reciprocate that particular mixtape from 2009. I’m not knocking my fellow Virginian but it can’t be done. Sometimes it’s a good thing that you can’t “out-do” yourself. There are more than a handful of artists that cannot top their freshman albums. Anticipation 2 is good if you don’t compare it to its parent. If you want a smooth R&B album for a hot sex session, this project is perfect. Matter of fact, I’m looking for a blank CD now so I can groove between the sheets with my love. The moans and slurping sounds of a porn star give this mixtape the touch it needs to get anyone in the mood. Maybe Trey should have given this another name.
Infidelity was one of my favorites from Anticipation. It’s a song about a woman sticking by her “ain’t shit” boyfriend. Me 4 U Infidelity 2 was a decent sequel possibly because of the scene at the end when the woman goes off on her lover. Someone please let me know what movie that was from. It sounds like Johnny Depp. Anywho, he hits her with some stone cold pimp shit when he says “a good person wouldn’t be here right now.” The only thing I have to say is if you are going to tolerate your significant other cheating and acting an ass, stop complaining. He/She does what you allow them to. “Baby, look what you allowed” Trey sings.
“You like a little white that’s alright you can sniff it off my navel” Trey sings (Don’t Judge). Seriously? He is really down for whatever. And to top it off, there are audibles of a girl giving sloppy head in the background. No pun intended. I swear Trey had to be high and horny during the creation of this mixtape.  Anticipation 2 would definitely make any girl blush. But I’m a freak so I may be an exception. I’m warm and ready for action from beginning to end.
You try to leave me I’ma tie you to the ground.
Delivered Fresh via Kaz (DP Mosby Show)

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mbgfinest135 said...

I think it was the movie The Krays, I'm not too sure though!!!

Monique said...

it is from Boardwalk Empire on HBO. conversation between Nucky and his girlfriend

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been hearing about that show :)



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