Kaz Presents Wale - Ambition Review [Review]

Kaz of The DP Show delivers her review of Maybach Music Group's Wale 2nd album Ambition which is set to do very well in its first week. Check out Kaz's review after the jump!
Ambition Review: Wale Album

La la la la la. That’s how it all began. The sounds of Go-Go bring us into eleven one eleven; the day that Ambition dropped or shall I say became available on the shelves and iTunes. The album I have been anticipating since my last Wale review is finally in my possession. If you follow Wale on Twitter, you have seen him boasting and bragging on what he calls a “classic” album. Honestly, I only respect cockiness if you have something to talk big about. For instance, I love and respect Cam’ron and Kanye. Both men are most likely the most arrogant niggas in the rap game but they also have classic work to back it up. Now, I’m not about to classify Ambition as a classic album but it damn sure is close for a sophomore album. Maybe it’s because we have been deprived of good, wholesome music for so long that we are over-ecstatic when we hear something close to it. Regardless, I give kudos to Wale.

But let’s dive into this review.

Don’t Hold the Applause bangs through the speakers with that expected and beloved Wale sound. The next three tracks follow in its footsteps. My head hasn’t stopped bobbing and I haven’t turned the music down yet. Lotus Flower Bomb flows and I let it ride because what real woman would ignore classy admiration? “I’m just trying to read your mind. I’m just trying to feed you mine”, Wale spits. Yes, I googled the perfume since Christmas is around the corner and that’s an expensive ass fragrance. Just give me a gift card to Bath and Body Works. Chain Music comes thereafter. I will not lie. I was disappointed. If Wale was going to use any track from his mixtape, I would have preferred him to use Barry Sanders. I’m not even going to express how upset I was when I discovered that Tatts on my Arm was not on the tracklist. Don’t get me wrong. I like Chain Music. I simply don’t feel it was a strong choice. But who am I?

Please stop trying to turn Kid Cudi into another Mos Def. Why is he only singing choruses? What’s next? He’s going to star in a few underrated movies? I really wished Cudi could’ve spit a verse on Focused. It’s a dope song. If I had my way, I would’ve had Drake featured on Focused and Kanye on Legendary. Since I brought up Legendary, I want to point out the instrumental has the faint sounds of Big Sean’s Final Hour, which everyone knows is one of my favorite motivational songs. “It’s something to be great. It’s nothing to be famous” Wale raps. Sit and think about that for a moment. But while you marinate on that, I want you to feel the hook, “Fuck fame. Fuck money. Fuck everything anyone can take from me.” Sheesh. That is probably one of my favorite songs on this album.

Sabotage was the biggest fail. I’m going to take a chance and say they were going for the same feel as That Way and Lotus Flower Bomb. Hated it! He attempts to redeem himself with White Linen featuring Neyo. And me, being the Neyo fan that I am can vibe to it. But maybe, just maybe, Neyo should’ve saved this for his next album. It may have flowed better. I enjoyed it even with the bitter taste of Sabotage still on my mind.
I was so ridiculously ecstatic to see Big Sean on the features. Slight Work is for the twerkas (word to J Roddy Rod) and I freaking love it. While I’m winding my waist, Sean spits “Bitch get hit with my ciroc-a-vodka-choppa.” Great club song. Work it! Ambition should have been the closing and maybe should’ve featured Pusha T and/or Beanie Siegel. Those are both personal opinions and no matter how hard it is for me to admit it, it’s dope with Meek Mill and Rick Ross. I loved Illest Bitch Alive. I know hundreds of bitches are going to change their Facebook and Twitter names to that surname. Just like they all turned into barbies and five star bitches. Besides that, I can’t knock Wale for showing love for women in the world handling their business. “No one notices your struggle. No one knows what it’s like”, Wale raps. This is a solid ass album regardless of how cocky the artist may be. 

Niggas be bitches. Hoes be bitches. I don’t see no difference.

Delivered Fresh via Kaz ( DP Mosby Show)

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