Kaz Presents 2 Chainz - T.R.U. Realigion Mixtape Review [Review]

Kaz of The DP Mosby Show delivers her take on 2 Chainz latest project T.R.U. Realigion which is out now. Check out the review after the jump!

T.R.U. REALigion Review: 2 Chainz (Tity Boi) Mixtape

2 Chainz, one half of Playa’s Circle, put out a mixtape recently. As much as I wanted to hate this mixtape with his elementary ass rhymes like “I got condoms in my condominium” (Stunt) and “I be going hard. Viagra” (Viagra), I couldn’t. I will blame that on my tipsiness and the dope beats galore. Shouts to Lex Luger and Drumma Boy. Again, we are victims of another mixtape with mediocre rhymes and good production. I’m starting to believe that DJ Drama will host for any muthafucka from Georgia. His loud ass endorsing this candy-coated garbage is proof.

Tity Boi had a lot of heavy hitters featured on this tape. Frankly, I’m baffled. The artists featured bodied him every single time. Even Meek Mill killed his feature, and he repeated himself like four times. Just to name a few Jadakiss, Raekwon, and Trey Songz graced TRU Realigion. Trey isn’t even a rapper but he went harder than 2 Chainz. “Got my loose change putting hoes through college”, Trey spits. I was impressed to see Kreayshawn’s name featured until I heard her verse. The hottest line on K.O. was “rolling and smoking like I’m locomotion” and that belonged to Big Sean. I don’t think I can express my disappointment in words when it comes to Slangin’ Birds. Why was this track not on The Real is Back 2 or Cocaine Music 6? Seriously, Birdman even went harder than 2 Chainz. Jeezy and Yo Gotti made this song and it is by far the hottest song on the tape other than the radio single, Spend It.

How do you clown yourself in your own rhymes? “I’m a local hoe. I got logos all over me” (Viagra). Sounds like Coogi to me. “My flow is mop and glow” (Undastatement) reminds me of Family Dollar. That’s where you can get it at, right? After I heard him saying “grhyming” on his opening I should have known better than to continue, but I didn’t. If I catch any of my readers quoting 2 Chainz from this mixtape, I will slander the fuck out of your life.

I wish that pussy had a sign in it that said WARNING if you hit it then you mine, nigga!

Delivered Fresh via Kaz (The DP Mosby Show)

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