Kaz Presents Ludacris - 1.21 GigaWatts Mixtape Review [Review]

Kaz of the DP Mosby Show delivers her take on Ludacris latest project '1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time'. Check out the review after the jump!!

1.21 Gigawatts Review : Ludacris Mixtape

When I heard that Ludacris was dropping a new mixtape a few weeks ago, I fully intended to do a review. What I didn’t anticipate was the stir it would cause. I kept hearing about a diss record aimed at Drake and Big Sean. Now, you know I had to hurry up and do the review. So, let’s get to it.

I was slightly amused with a few tracks like Shake and Fries and I’m On Fire. But the track that stole the show was Bada Boom (the diss record). Frankly, every song thereafter sounded like a potential diss record like Say It to My Face and I Ain’t the One. Honestly, the little History Lesson interlude and Bada Boom were enough. Ludacris proves his point that everyone jacks everyone else’s style by playing samples from Kanye, Cam’ron, Method Man, Biggie, etc. using the “pause stop” flow in the interlude prior to Bada Boom. Ludacris continues to spazz and fire shots. But I’m curious to know who is on twitter ranting. I follow Drake and Big Sean. Nothing, but crickets chirping. Maybe he’s trying to bounce back after that lame ass freestyle in the BET HipHop Awards Cypher. Maybe not. Either way, he needs to divert his energy into putting out an album that can top Back for the First Time. But I will admit sampling Pinky at the end was pretty dope.

What’s my favorite track you ask? Well me being the cold pimp that I am, I love Do Sumthin’ Strange. “She said she need to pay tuition well drop down to the floor and assume the fucking position” he spits. Ludacris and Rick Ross rap about giving up iPhones, red bottoms, and paying phone bills in exchange for sexual favors. “I pay for that pussy like it’s a rental car” Ross fires. I’m not even mad at these guys. I’m mad at the women still fucking for free, and the men out there that still expect to get the pussy for nada. According to Ludacris, I can get rent money if I jump on the dick. That’s not a bad deal at all. That goes back to my previous rant about the worth of your pussy. Refer to that for further guidance.  But I digress. This was a fun song. On an okay mixtape from an artist that has the potential to do better. And he damn sure knows better.

 Stop acting all bourgeoisie knowing you’ll give it up for Church’s chicken and a movie

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