Kaz Presents J.Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story Review [Review]

Kaz of the DP Mosby Shows delivers her take on Roc Nations, J.Cole debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story. Check it out after the jump!
 I always had faith in J. Cole and Lord knows he didn’t disappoint. This album was everything and more than I wanted and expected. J. Cole is one of the few dope lyricists in the rap game right now. Well, he has more to talk about than doing/selling drugs, fucking groupies, and blowing money. The Sideline Story is exactly that. Cole talks or shall I say rhymes about his come up; sitting on that cold ass bench waiting on his turn to get in the game. I love an album from the soul.

I was disappointed that a few of his older songs were included on this album, i.e. Lights Please and In the Morning. He might as well have put Who Dat on there, too. Mr. Nice Watch is definitely not my favorite. You can scream until you’re blue in the face that Jay Z is on the track. Shut up. Even baby Jesus in his golden diapers couldn’t save that song. Rise and Shine should’ve been the intro. But that’s just my personal opinion. I want Cole World to be his next single because I’m tired of hearing these “hoe-friendly” songs. Just because Cole is light-skinned does not mean he has to be an emo-rapper like Drake. But more than likely Nobody’s Perfect may be. I do love that song. What’s up, Missy Elliott!! VA stand up!

Before I close out, I would like to mention a song that stood out and just may be the cause of another rant: Never Told. Cole attempts to educate these silly hoes about the game. The game is to be sold, not told. Everything Cole says in this track is nothing short of the truth. And I absolutely adore how he tried to put the ladies out there with that classic line: “I just want to find myself.” And the song ended with that and a What The Fuck. Fellas, if you come across a grown woman whimpering she is trying to find herself and she’s over 25 years old, drop her faster than a hoodrat leaving her kids at her mother’s crib on Friday night. A real woman knows who she is and who she isn’t. Period.

Game colder than a fucking dead man.

Delivered Fresh via Kaz (DP Mosby Show)

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