Kaz Presents Nas - Life Is Good Review [Review]

Kaz of the DP Mosby Show reviews Nas latest and highly praised album "Life Is Good". Check out her take after the jump!

Life Is Good Review

I still have a bitter taste in my mouth because I feel like I was forced to spend seventeen dollars on the deluxe version of Life is Good. I searched everywhere for the regular version but the store didn’t have any. It was a setup if you ask me. Damn. The album just came out this week. Can a young thug get a break? Sheesh! Well, we’re here now seventeen dollars poorer.
I’ve never been a huge Nas fan. I don’t have anything against him or his music. I do have a problem with spending seventeen dollars on his album though. Frankly,  I didn’t know what to expect with Life is Good. I had heard so many good things. I liked the radio singles, so I figured I would take a chance.
The feel and sound of this album is reflective and hopeful. I felt as if Nas was telling me all about his life from beginning to end, which is dope. Even when he speaks of his failed marriage on Bye Baby, he doesn’t sound bitter. “At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride”. I suspect he’s talking about Kelis on a few other tracks on this album. That’s cool. I’m just happy he didn’t start singing.
 Nas refuses to conform to what’s in style, and I admire that about him. Life is Good was a good album but I’m not about to put up posters of Nas and shit. My seventeen dollars should be support enough. 

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