Millzy's Mixtape Madness : Radio B - 5 On 5 [Mixtape Review]

Millzy of the site LittleLadyNRVA got a chance to interview Radio B and also review his latest project 5 On 5. Check out the review and the interview after the jump!

I was first introduced to the lyrical genius of Radio B during Noah O’s set at EpicFest. His flow immediately calls for your attention like Hey, Listen Up; I have something to say folks! I saw him perform his own set at For the Love of Hip Hop and became a fan. This dude is dope. He comes off so hard on every track and makes you want to listen to every single thing he has to say. You hear the passion of his message with each bar he spits. This same passion and tenacity probably comes from his “battling” days that began at the age of 17. All my cipher lovers know you have to come off hard and let your presence be know when battling another emcee. Radio B along with another Richmond artist, Nickelus F are founders of the independent label Rayni Day Entertainment.

I was granted the awesome privilege along with a few others to hear his latest project5on5 before it was released. I enjoyed it and it is now a part of my daily playlist with other “hometown hip hop heroes” I love the concept, it’s so simple but a genius way to showcase versatility and talent.

“Basically, what we have here is 5 extraordinary Namebrand productions, 5 pretty dope instrumentals and a whole lot of bars” – Radio B

Let me just say Namebrand is a talented producer! Hand-claps to you my friend. Shoutout to Nickelus F , Steady Fam , MichaelMillions and everybody else who had something to do with this project.  #dope

It was tough for me to pick a favorite but if I have to choose two it would be The Odds (love the hook) and Dreams Money Can Buy ( I cant knock what you n**** think / I shed it all on the beat I don't need a shrink )

I had an opportunity to ask RadioB a few questions, to get an idea of who he is as an artist. Check it out below. It will definitely enlighten you about the man behind the music. 

**What sets 5on5 apart from your other projects?**
RadioB: it's just how aggressive it is lyrically...I've always had that aggressive streak in my music. I've always been heavy on lyrics. I started out as a battle rapper really, but I've always wanted my projects to be well rounded..I enjoy just making great records and sometimes that requires you to fall back a little on the lyrics and be relatable...with 5on5 I just took the gloves off and went in...I just wanted to get that out of my system before I start working on my next album.
**Of all the tracks do you have a favorite? What is it and Why?**
RadioB: one is definitely Dreams Money Can Buy Freestyle, b/c it's the most personal, honest and's more of the vibe of music I make most... I like The Odds a lot, and I like In My Ears...they're really strong, hard records...NameBrand really shows his diversity on this project, and it's very much about him displaying that as it is about my bars this time around.

**Choose 5 words that you feel describe the current state of RVA Hip Hop**
RadioB: -Burgeoning -Inspired - Diverse -Underutilized -Neglected

**Choose 5 words that describe you as an artist**
RadioB: -Honest -Motivational -Inspirational -Unapologetic -Dynamic

**What is the main message you would like to convey through your music?**
RadioB: That we're all human and none of us are perfect, but we all have dreams and a purpose and we should try with all of our hearts to fulfill those destinies...and when we have nothing at all or everything in the world...look to God for refuge and appreciation. 
**What inspires you to keep going?**
RadioB: I know God has blessed me with many talents and the world has inspired many aspirations...and I want to explore both sides of that the best I possibly can before my time is up...I desire to be recognized for what I'm worth more than anything.

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