Kaz Presents The BET Hip Hop Awards [Review]

Kaz of The DP Mosby Show delivers her take on the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards which took place in ATL over the past weekend. Check the review out after the jump!

BET HipHop Awards 2011 Performances

What better way to open up the BET HipHop Awards than to have the Snowman (Jeezy) dressed in all white with a big, gold chain performing the new single F.A.M.E.? And like clockwork, T.I. graces the stage to spit his verse and perform Flexxin. Sidenote: Does everyone have a “flexxin” song? Can we come up with a new verb? Then, we have skinny ass Wiz Khalifa doing some kind of fucked up cripwalk/hopscotch in some skintight capri pants. Taylor Gang! It was a great song choice for the performance. By the way, who the fuck was singing the hook to That Way during the MMG performance? Why didn’t someone make the executive decision to let the original song play and let that nigga lip-sync? He sounded horrible. And then, the music was too damn loud when Meek Mill was performing Ima Boss. BET has got to do better. Lupe also performed this year. He’s not my favorite person right now. Well, I just think he’s looney tunes. I would have preferred for him to perform his single Out of My Head, but it’s cool because he brought out the Erykah Badu.

I don’t have much to say about the Big Sean performance. I loved the song choice and the energy. He wasn’t as obviously nervous as his first time performing on BET. But who is his stylist? Who told him it was cool to wear a leather t-shirt under his jacket? Yes, I noticed it. It was shiny, presumably leather. And it was a t-shirt. Someone tell Tyrese to sit all the way the fuck down. He was an unnecessary addition to Heavy D’s performance. I’m still wondering what the overweight lover was doing on stage. He must’ve needed some money.

The best performance of the night has to go to DMX. Who else was hype when they started playing Get at Me Dog? I really wish he would’ve brought out the rest of the Ruff Ryders especially when he performed Ruff Ryders Anthem. That would have been dope. I’m glad we got to see him on stage before he gets locked up again. Sadly, that nigga stays in jail.

BET HipHop Awards 2011 Awards

I’m not too sure why the show is called the BET HipHop Awards when only four awards are given on camera. Well, five if you include the tribute (I Am Hip Hop Icon Award). Mike Epps hosted the show. I’m still trying to figure out his purpose. He was pretty much irrelevant. Let’s talk about my picks and the actual winners. The first award, Sweet 16, goes to the best featured verse. There were a lot of good nominees. My pick was between Busta Rhymes for Look at Me Now or Nicki Minaj for Monster. The winner was Busta Rhymes. Let me also mention this was a big night for Busta. But I digress. Next, the best collaboration award went to Chris Brown, Wayne, and Busta for Look at Me Now, which was also my pick. Best Club Banger was awarded to Roscoe Dash, Wale, and Waka Flocka for No Hands. Of course that was my pick. My pick for the People’s Champ Award was Kanye West for All of the Lights, but Chris Brown snatched that too for Look at Me Now. Why didn’t they do a musical tribute to LL Cool J for the I Am Hip Hop Icon award? I really wasn’t interested in watching his “mini-me” (Nelly) give him praise. BET knew what they were doing. But LL Cool J gave a dope acceptance speech/rhyme. Bravo! That award was well overdue for James.

The awards that weren’t on camera (that I care about):

Producer of the Year: Lex Luger (VA STAND UP!)

Best Mixtape: J. Cole – Friday Night Lights

CD of the Year: Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Video Director of the Year – Hype Williams

BET HipHop Awards 2011 Cyphers

I know this is what you’ve been waiting for. You want to know what DPeezy thought about the ciphers. Well, here we go! I’m going to try to simplify my review. I will point out the lines that stood out to me. There were a few rappers that I’ve been snoozing on but I’ve gained a new respect for. But we ALL know which cipher was the dopest.

Cipher #1: Although, I pretty much slandered Big K.R.I.T. in the review of his mixtape he was pretty dope in the cipher. Tech N9ne scares me. Not his rhymes, but his appearance. I was pleasantly surprised by Machine Gun Kelly. He spits “all up in your girlfriend’s twitpics” and “this white boy just bodied Black Entertainment Television”. B.O.B. spits “get off my man [T.I.] neck I’m just saying Martha Stewart left prison in a jet.” Kendrick Lamar was in this cipher but there was no line that stood out to me.

Cipher #2: Reek Da Villian is dope. Sheesh. 2 Chains (Tity Boi) spits “call this shit Bluetooth cause I don’t need a mic.” Busta Rhymes murdered this cipher. Yes, the wrap it up box should have come into play but I enjoyed every line of it. Busta is definitely one of the rap games’ greatest. Ludacris went after Busta. In my personal opinion, he shouldn’t have. This was probably the weakest shit I’ve heard from Luda.

Cipher #3: Lady Rage sounds like Queen Latifah. “I’m on BET more than the Biggie movie”, Blind Fury spits. Dom Kennedy was lame. Skillz represented VA to the fullest. The only thing I didn’t like was the prop at the end. Only Freestyle Friday artists on 106&Park do that. And he is definitely too old to be doing that shit.

Cipher #4 MMG: Wale didn’t give his best. But “I’d rather have no job than no heart” he spits. Pill was actually an artist I’ve been sleeping on but he’s pretty dope. I will even say Stalley was good. Meek Mill spits “I drive it Tupac black and B.I.G” and “the jewels in my  watch like Trix in a box”. But I want to know why Rick Ross had on the silk pajama shirt. Looking like he stole the wardrobe from the TLC Creep video.

Cipher #5: This cipher was the miscellaneous group. La Crae spit the infamous whips and slaves line “you living for whips and chains you’s a slave.” Nitty Scott sounds like Salt from Salt& Pepper. She did absolutely nothing for me. And Estelle..well her boots were bad. As far as Soprano, you know what. What you not gon do is have me read subtitles during a freestyle.

Cipher #6: Ace Hood spits “sleeping on me I’ll put gas in your Nyquil”. Ya’ll know I’m a fan. But note to Kevin McCall, we don’t want four more of you. Tyga was decent. Chris Brown represented for his hometown with that “Virginia country grammar” and my favorite line “When I told you to use your head, I didn’t want you to be no thinker.”

Cipher #7 Shady/Slaughterhouse: This was the dopest cipher. I was seriously about to wet my pants. Yelawolf was a beast. The foster child of hiphop, Joe Budden, went in. “I dead her in that holiday inn. I learned that from Max B”, he spits. Crooked I and Joell Ortiz went the fuck in. Royce had the classic line of the night, “Hi, Rihanna. Bye, Rihanna.” He is my new crush. But Eminem deaded the entire cipher at the end. Deaded is not a word, but that’s exactly what he did. Eminem is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

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