Jimmy-Lee TV - Adding Mustard (Hosted By DJ Vlad) [Mixtape]

Straight out of New York, up and coming artist Jimmy-Lee linked up with DJ Vlad to deliver his latest project Adding Mustard. You can click on the cover below to download and check out his bio after the jump!

Jimmy-Lee TV Bio

Jimmy-Lee TV is a young artist out of New York city who is multi talented. He got his start as a youngster rhyming in his uncle's studio. He ignored his passion for years as he ran the streets of east harlem and landed himself in a medium secure state corrections facility upstate new york for possession of a controlled substance. He was released from the facility after serving  24 months of a 1 and a half to 3 year sentence and began pursuing music. Jimmy possesses pure star quality. So much so that Along the way he was scouted by a woman who referred him for castings and he booked an ad for apple. Amongst the adversities of New York city he released a mixtape hosted by justo mixtape award reciepient and boondocks character dj vlad. Jimmy is a strong minded young man who released his new project on new years eve  

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